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Carpet Cleaning

Our method of cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, is recommended by leading carpet manufacturers Mahawk and Shaw Industries . We use only the best equipment with powerful hot water steam-extraction for thorough, deep cleaning. Your carpets dry faster, look great, feel softer, smell better and stay cleaner longer. We use all natural, biodegradable cleaning agents on your carpets that is safe for you, your family and the environment.

An area rug is an excellent addition to any room whether it’s in a residential or commercial space. Rugs bring comfort, insulation and an aesthetic flair that’s unrivaled by any type of flooring bar none. However, rugs do have the tendency to accumulate pollutants over time. Dust, dirt, spills, pet droppings, dust mites and fungi can all fester in a rug even with regular vacuuming and shampooing. If your rugs look and feel worn out, it’s time to call in the pros for deep-cleaning and restoration services.

We use steam cleaning techniques as the standard method for rug and carpet cleanup. Steam is gentle on your rugs but tough on debris, spills, organic waste and tiny pests. For situations where allergens are involved, we use hypoallergenic cleaning agents for best results. After cleanup, we apply disinfectants and deodorizers to freshen up your rugs inside and out.

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